Hi there and welcome to my website! My name is Sarah Uniacke and I have been making bags for ages, about 20 years. My Mom inspired me to sew. (She’s amazing at it.) But it wasn’t until I was searching for some nice D-rings that I discovered a refreshing new website called U-handbag.com that I really got to grips with making bags. Then my husband bought me a new machine and I haven’t looked back since!I wracked my brain for a clever logo or name for my bags and all I could come up with was the phonetic way to say my surname and it has stuck – YOO NEE YAK.

YOO NEE YAK bags are handmade in my shed by me. They all turn out a bit different because I am not a robot or run a factory. This means all my bags are nearly one offs. I say nearly because I have made an identical bag when someone liked one of mine. I probably added a different coloured zip to make it less samey!

Thanks for reading!

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