Sarah Uniacke started making bags about 20 years ago in between jobs as an editor and developed a love of fabric and creating! While making a bag for her sister in law she stumbled across lots of glorious hardware, in terms of clasps, zips, d-rings and their captivating descriptions by the seller inspired her to investigate further.

Fast forward 15 years and the discovery of cork as a material, Sarah is now ‘making’ pretty much full time to supply her ever growing audience. Cork is attractive and versatile and in her own worlds, it looks so luscious, is so soft to touch, comes in scrummy colours and is easy to sew without requiring reinforcement.

Cork oak takes 25 years to mature, is considered sustainable, it is naturally bouyant and fire retardant – although she has yet to test this theory! All Sarah’s products are hand-made in her studio in Sway.


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