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What is YooNeeYak?

I’m Sarah Uniacke (pronounced YooNeeYak!) and I make bags in my garden studio. I live with my husband and two kids and our dog Mindy and the lovely Babs, our elderly cat in The New Forest.

I started making bags about 20 years ago in between jobs as an editor and developed a love of fabric and creating! While making a bag for my sister in law I stumbled across lots of glorious hardware, in terms of clasps, zips, d-rings and their captivating descriptions by the seller (Lisa Lam) inspired me to investigate further. But it was when I couldn’t find a “nice” baby changing bag when my son, Oscar, was born that I really started exploring different designs and fabric choices. All the bags on the market were plain or heavily branded so I decided to make my own. I was hooked!!

Choosing linings
Sewing a cork strap

The search for a tough fabric for my bags was long and frustrating! I really wanted something waterproof and nice looking. I also wanted  my bags to last and not get a soggy bottom. I discovered Cordura which is fantastically tough, sun and rot proof and easy enough to sew through but it wasn’t snazzy enough. Then I discovered cork. It ticked nearly all the boxes. It’s only drawback that I can see is that you can’t bung it in the washing machine but I don’t think I have ever washed a handbag in my life!

Cork Cross Body Clutch

Cordura Washbags
Bright Stripes Bag Tidy

I am now ‘making’ pretty much full time (in between school runs and dog walks!) to supply my ever growing audience. Thank you so much reading. Contact me for any bag building bequests!


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  1. Congratulations on the new website, it looks brilliant. Also wanted to say that the wonderful bag you made for my wife as a birthday present from me is still her favourite, she uses it every day…just perfect.
    Thanks again

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