Christmas Markets 2023

So this year I rather flippantly agreed to three Christmas events. It all seemed like a smashing idea at the time. Haha….back in the late summer when it felt like I had all the time in the world to prepare. In fact, I should have started prepping in January. To save all this stress and hurried searching for material, hardware and craft stall equipment. I mean I have had GREAT fun researching craft stall set ups and “what not to do’s”. I have been on pinterest more than I have ever done before.

So I am hoping that my stall has gone from drab and flat and boring to more interesting and more visible and better. You better come and see for yourself!

I will be at Barn Cottage, Waters Green in Brockenhurst on the 25th November for the annual Artisan Christmas Fayre along with my artsy fartsy posse. Sally Ovenden, Steve Cooper and Nikki Ryce and I will be also be joined this year by Julie Bailey who makes amazing marine artwork.

And on the 3rd December I will be venturing beyond the grids to Southampton to take part in the God’s House Tower Christmas Makers Market. I haven’t done this before so i am bricking it to be honest but I am hoping it will expand my audience and also it’s just good sometimes to get out of your comfort zone. I propably won;t be saying that on the night before!

So now I am making, making, making. I am trying really hard to just focus on how my stall will look and make bags and pouches that all sort of look good together and not look like a mish mash ….I am getting there. But it’s ever so difficult to focus when I am constantly being interrupted by the minutiae of daily life, laundry, school runs, vets (stupid dog looked pathetic and whimpering holding up her paw, shaking, £88 later and she’s seems fine but I am making her pay by adhering to doctors orders of strict bed rest) (her not me!!) ) That freed up a load of time!

Well I should probably feed my children… hope to see you at one or other of christmas events soon. Byeeeeeeeee xx

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