Photo shoot…

Having not posted for months now I am posting every day, although so far only two days running…

One of my tennis buddies, Eben, is training to be a stills photographer. Why can’t i just say photographer I hear you wail. This is because Eben has already made loads of moving picture movies so…. it seems right to differentiate. He asked if he could photograph my bags to practice with products and also I suspect to learn how to deal with tricky clients….hmmmmmm.

He was very thorough and listened to my suggestions and requirements, taking plenty of shots of each of my Marine Vinyl bags and then a nice family shot of them. The largest bag so far is a spacious tote bag made with french blue vinyl and sporting a rather seasick-inducing wavy pocket. The wavy part of it was just as it came to me from the upholsterer. I’ve been inspired by the shapes and lines that appear in these offcuts, imagining the beautiful boats that the other bits of vinyl will be enjoying. But I hope that instead of ending up under a load of rubbish in a landfill site these bits will enjoy their new life, hopefully in the hands (or over the shoulder of) lovely customers.Nestled in front of the Wavy Pocket Tote Bag is the smaller and more everyday bag which is rather unnamed at the moment. Each one has a different shaped pocket according to the piece that I grabbed on the day. These eco friendly handbags are lined with dry waxed cotton which I source from Merchant and Mills. I like there ethos and their quick delivery. Not to mention the lovely feel of this cloth, it isn’t waxy or wet feeling. It is water resistant, so this means that the water doesn’t completely run off it, but it won’t come through to the other side either. It’s really lovely. And then in front of these are two nifty little cross body bags. Perfect for little day trips or festivals, bug enough for a phone and with in built card slots thanks to a gorgeous pattern from Spencer Ogg patterns. (Although I can’t remember which one!)

I cannot wait for Eben to deliver the photos when he has finished editing them! He was able to get fantastic shots of the linings which is one area I definitely struggle with because of the lack of lighting. But with THREE huge flash bulbs going off that was not a problem. He told me that you had be very carefully with the bulbs as they cost £75 each. So I let him put those back into the car. It reminded me of when I studied film at Hull University and the huge lamps were either called Blondes or Redheads according to their brightness (I think…..I can’t quite remember!)

I particularly liked the jiffy bag reflector/diffuser. Ha! And I noticed that he didn’t use a tripod rather preferring a hand held approach. Eben explained that with the camera firing off the lamps at the same time meant that it was all quite forgiving of a shake here or there. So interesting!

Anyway, it’s mega late and my daughter has SATS in the morning and we have to be at the school earlier than normal so I better turn this off or I will never get to sleep! Take care and be kind.

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