Re-use, Re-cycle, Repeat

So for the last few months I have been helping Suzi out who runs a shop called Repeat Living in Lymington. Spending the day manning the fort as it were. At first I thought it was actually out of my comfort zone. I am not very good at selling face to face but I found that my research into Christmas markets last year was very helpful! And just keeping the place open was more important than anything. Bearing in mind this was in February and the weather was awful and footfall was pretty grim.

I was very careful not to take advantage of my new position of ultimate power and never mentioned my own bags unless specifically asked. Which wasn’t very often, so when Suzi offered me some space in the shop for selling my bags in exchange for a day or two a week manning the shop, well I thought why the hell not? It’s actually a good way to focus my mind and sort of helps me organise the rest of the week. Making my making days more important. And it gave me permission to waffle on about my bags and fabric adinfinitum! How fun!

I am hoping that more and more people will be able to handle my bags in person and feel how lovely they are and how spacious they are. And then buy them.

The shop is in Earley Court just off Lymington High Street, up the alleyway next to Hadleys. And it is stuffed full with beautiful hand woven baskets, recycled cotton blankets, little gems such as a crystal chandelier or handmade mirrors made from millions of bits of crockery and jewelry, hand-poured candles that smell divine and of course a selection of my handmade bags, totes, clutches and purses. Some made from cork and some made from rescued boat vinyl and some made from recycled corduroy.

One of my favourite things in the shop is the coffee from The Larder. It is so good! And people watching! It is so interesting. I didn’t realise I was soooo nosey!

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