Turquoise And Navy Tote made with Rescued Boat Vinyl


A smooth sailing peach of a bag. Handmade in the New Forest, saving unused boat vinyl and turning it into a useful bag! Lined with waxed cotton with a zipped pocket inside and an extremely useful beautifully sculpted slanted slip pocket on the outside

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This is a really useful sized bag, suitable for everyday and all day. It isn’t too big to over fill but will fit your water bottle, purse, pens and pads and a bit of shopping too. Handmade in the New Forest out of rescued boat vinyl this tote is eco-friendly  AND strong!

I have lined this bag with clay coloured dry waxed cotton which feels lovely and not wet and sticky like some cheap waxed cotton. Inside is a zipped pocket lined with a bold and fresh bright orange print (100% cotton)

On the outside of the bag I have made a slanted pocket based on the piece of vinyl I got from the boat upholsterer. Waste not want not! It gives a lovely sharp angled racing boat edge I think! This pocket is lined with luxurious waxed cotton too.

I made the handles from the same turquoise boat vinyl as the body giving it a sleek and pleasing look and the handles themselves are smooth and comfortable.

This is a unique one off bag and will last for ever!


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