Wavy Pocket Tote Bag made from Rescued Boat Vinyl


Spacious handmade gloriously unique tote bag. With a quirky seasick – inducing wavey pocket inspired by the piece of vinyl that I got from the upholsterer. It looked just like a wavey swell. Lovely.

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This luscious tote bag is handmade by me with a lovely soft boat vinyl that I personally collected from a lovely boat upholsterer locally. The pocket is a shaped like a lovely wave far out at sea that could be a whale surfacing or could just be the sea. I am trying not to waste any of this amazing fabric so I used this piece as is. Well, I lined it with Merchant and Mills dry wax cotton but that is all I did!

The bag has a narrow body hugging profile but is large enough for all officey things such as laptops (if you would like a specific laptop pocket please contact me and we can discuss a bespoke bag for you and your gadget) and huge notepads, water bottle, purse, keys etc etc.

Inside, it is lined with a lovely navy, mustard and green fabric and there is a safe zipped pocket lined in a pretty navy blue floral cotton.

The handles are made with the same french blue boat vinyl.

As it is boat vinyl this bag is tough and water resistant.


Dimensions to follow (this is because this bag is currently residing at the lovely shop Repeat Living and I haven’t had a chance to measure it!)


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